Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Right Now

Us Lately? I've gotta say, we're pretty happy right now.
Haven't been sick in awhile.
The snow is mostly melted and our yard is bare!
Cooper and Ryder are actually getting along really well these days.
Taron and Keaton are pretty close to the best teenagers ever from what we can tell.

And, yes, yes... now I knock on wood ;)

The little boys and I drove out to my parent's last weekend to spend the day while our house was in the dark thanks to a scheduled outage for maintenance or some such thing. And to get to love on the seriously cutest baby in the world that happens to be my nephew! I might've held him while he slept instead of laying him down like I should have :) For real, isn't he pretty much as adorable as they come?!? Cooper could hardly get enough and wanted to be touching him, touching him, touching him!

Got to see my Grandma Laura and my Great Aunts while we were there also-
I love those dear ladies.
Crazy how we just don't see our more extended family as often the more we grow up!
And the boys got to enjoy Grammie's Potato Heads :)

We're noticing that Taron and Keaton's time is harder to come by these days- they are involved in things that sometimes make it so they can't be with us on the weekends. So it goes... we drove to Pocatello to take them out for a bit on Friday night recently when this was the case. This dinner was a seriously good time! I might have been coerced to pour a LOT of salt into Taron's drink while he was in the bathroom ;)

Around home, we've been doing a bit of egg hunting...
even if all we can seem to find to put in them are the last of a bag of tortilla chips. :/
I thought we could hide them empty, but no, no, that wasn't an option :)
They each hide half... and then go find the half they hid!
Makes me laugh, but somehow it's truly like they don't even realize it!

When did I ever allow water guns in the bath tub?! At least the other bath toys are the targets!
This just struck me as so distinctly BOY!

Oh my, how we are loving the more Spring-like weather!
I was honestly worried our yard would still be totally snow covered for Easter!
But, by some miracle, it's already bare! Given that we're in Idaho,
it could snow two feet tomorrow still, but I'm just gonna assume that it won't... :)



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