Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Last-Minute Easter Basket Personalization

I can remember what Easter was like growing up really well.
I remember my Dad trying to make our Easter baskets tough to find.
I remember lots of times one of us would find a basket that
didn't belong to us before we found our own!

And now I'm the one filling and hiding baskets for our boys-
and having to tell them that the basket they were so excited to have just found
is a different brother's and not theirs!
This year I thought maybe I'd try to personalize their baskets a little bit
so it was obvious at first glance who's was who's...

I know, I know- this idea couldn't get any easier!

I got these flexible, handled baskets at Dollar Tree and knew I wanted to try and loop some ribbon through- really cute, not too girly. Easter can be a bit of a hard holiday to pull off without gettin' girly actually!

Anyhow, I just printed off some 3" x 3" pictures of them- inserted both onto one page in a Word document. Cut them out quick with my paper trimmer and then tucked the photo in right behind my tied ribbon. I originally planned to glue them to the knot, but preferred this way instead and it made it even more simple to do at that! I thought they turned out stinkin' cute! 

I also thought a simple tag could do the trick! I haven't made a new printable in quite awhile, so this was kinda fun. I loved these digital washi tapes I found HERE and used them to create these tags to pass on to you! Write your child's name in the center space of the tag, tie on with some ribbon and you're set! 

Click HERE for a two page document with all eight tags!

One last quick way to personalize is, of course, vinyl!
Last year, I cut both of the boys names out with my Cricut to add to these great, large buckets: 

I did really like these and they have gotten (are still getting, actually!) a lot of use out of them.
I think the photos above will be even more effective since Ryder can't read yet :)

Hopefully one of these ideas will be something someone out there can use to make sure
each kid knows who's basket is who's as they go about making Easter morning memories



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