Monday, March 4, 2013

Simple Camera Strap Cover Tutorial

Tonight I am going somewhere fun as a blogger!
I am excited to get to know some other area bloggers better and
do some laughing with- get this- Girls!

Hopefully I can handle it ;)

Truthfully I really am not very comfortable in social situations- the times when I should be having the most fun can be the times when I feel the most out of place kinda. But not tonight, right?! No, no, no :)

I am excited to be taking fun pictures of my little blogger soiree and will surely have my camera around my neck. I got looking and... well....

Grungy city, eh?! I've made camera strap covers before and really enjoyed them- simple and always cute! I love that they add a bit of personality to my camera.
The things that are the biggest part of our lives should have our style written on them, I think! :) 

So I whipped up a new cover to jazz up my camera for tonight and thought I'd share a quick tutorial. There are plenty of others out there, but this is what I did for anyone interested...

1.  Cut two strips of fabric measuring 25" x 2 1/2". Mine are different coordinating fabrics- the same or not, anything goes! Whatever fits YOU!

2.  Use your strips to cut one strip the same size of fusible fleece. (I'm piecing mine together from a scrap I had left!) I found this around the notions at the fabric store- like by the smaller packages of interfacing. 

3. Grab the fabric that you want on the bottom of your strap cover first- the one that will lie against your neck. Fold each end in a bit and iron.

4. Lie the rough side of your fusible fleece strip against the wrong side of your fabric strip. just barely below the fold you just ironed.

5. Flip over and iron the fleece to the fabric.

6. Now fold your fabric that is excess on the ends over the fleece to finish the end hems.

7. Sew down each end, finishing your hems :)

8. Take your remaining, top, strip of fabric and hem one end as well- fold once, iron, then fold again and iron.

9. Before doing the hem on the other end, grab your bottom strip that's already sewn and line the two up, completed ends first. This will let you know just how much you need to hem the last end to make sure they are just the same size. I know, in theory they really should just be the same by default, but I don't seem to be able to always fold the same size each hem, so this way is helpful for me. :)

10. Then separate the two fabric strips again and iron the last remaining hem of the top strip.

11. Sew that hem to finish :)

12. Put both of your fabric strips together again, right sides facing. Sew down the length of both sides.

13 & 14. Use pinking shears to trim up the length of both sides :)

15. Now turn it right side out- you're very nearly done! This shouldn't be too tough, I turned mine with my fingertips alone.

16. Iron it flat- looks nice, eh?!

17. Now remove your strap from your camera on just one side (couldn't really get a pic of the process, obviously!)

18. Fish the strap down through your new cute cover! It helped me to start at the leather piece and not worry too much about the smaller canvas part- it worked itself out at the very end :)

And there you have it- a little bit of personality on your camera! It also really helps to have the fusible fleece for padding- I know mine can really cut into my neck without it! A little bit of flair for the times- like tonight- when your camera ends up being another limb :)

Want to know where I'm going already??
I'll be posting about it right away, but for now here's a huge clue...
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Hope everyone's week is off to an awesome start!



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