Thursday, March 7, 2013

Regarding: Luck

Truth be told, we don't really acknowledge St. Patrick's Day around here too much. I guess we do acknowledge  it, but that's about all! I figure I only have a month to decorate for and enjoy Easter as it is!

In thinking about luck, I daresay I actually don't so much believe in it. I believe our Heavenly Father is too much in the details of our lives for there to be such a thing as "luck" really. Blessings and miracles, hard work and divine intervention are what luck really is. Those two cute dudes above- they are my luck. Them and the other three older versions around here :)

Here Cooper is working on his entry to send to the PBS Kids Writer's Contest! Every time he would hear the little ad they've been running, he got so excited, so we sat down and he talked and drew while I translated it all (as quickly as possible- trying to write as fast as a five year old talks is pretty much impossible!). Kindergarten enthusiasm= blessedness in my world too :)

New puppies around here= a source of extra income= blessing indeed!

Awhile back I turned my train of thought regarding luck into this saying for a printable-
Venture Out and MAKE your own Luck :)
And, indeed, wear green and make green pancakes and green mashed potatoes in the process!
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Here's a few cute ideas for anyone that does get more into St. Patricks Day than us!

Love this versatile printable from Every Creative Endeavor! Lots of alternatives at the post :)
These would be awesome for teachers or neighbors!

Cute, cute scavenger hunt from Better Together- my boys would love this!
I really enjoyed checking out this cute blog, too :)

The boys always love handprint crafts- and what's not to love!
This is a great idea found at The Logan's :)

Hope everyone has a blessed day! :)



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