Friday, March 22, 2013

Green Smoothie Reality

Everybody thinks green smoothies are good, right?

"Can't even taste the greens!" or "Tastes like candy!"
are phrases I've heard describe them several times over.

I want to be on the green smoothie bandwagon!
I'm inspired by THIS site and think that green smoothies could really make sense
for weight loss, on top of nutrition alone.

And I do, I really like green smoothies these days.
But I have to say "these days" because... confession:
I've done met my personal quota for green smoothie FAILS!
No, I don't think they taste like candy.
But I have learned a few things to make them enjoyable at least!

This one above? Indeed, green smoothie FAIL!

But. all those ingredients look so yummy and pretty, don't ya think?!
They just didn't really taste yummy.
I drank enough to feel like it wasn't a total waste
and the rest got tossed down the garbage disposal :/

I think I've discovered my biggest issue when it comes to green smoothies:
They have to be COLD. Like, really good and cold.
I don't have an ice maker, so it's very rare that I add ice to mine.
And that makes it so they just aren't very good.

Also, I prefer to use kale. I use spinach a lot too, but I've read that nutritionally,
kale offers more vitamins and bigger bang  for your buck than spinach.
THIS is a nice article regarding kale vs. spinach.
But... kale does have more of a bitter taste and that affects the end result
of my green smoothies, not always for the better! :)

I've tried all sorts of combinations with some great fresh fruit, that look beautiful in the blender before being mixed. But when it came to gulping the stuff down, I just couldn't hack it for more than half a glass! What a waste! And I really do like vegetables most of the time- this smoothie thing should be no problem.

Recently Stephen twisted my arm to buy a bag of mixed frozen fruit to try in my smoothies. I was tired of seeing fresh fruit go to waste, so he didn't have to twist too hard! And using frozen fruit has made all the difference!

The trick for me to making an actually yummy green smoothie? FROZEN fruit!
This gives it the extra dose of cold it needs and saves me from wasting fresh fruit that I'd prefer to eat on it's own anyway! In the summer I may want to go back to fresh fruit, but I will make sure to add ice if I do!

I make sure to blend mine until it gets kind of a whirlpool thing going, like above too :)

I really love the smell of blueberries
and want to be successful using them in a green smoothie too!
Maybe I just needed to add more to the mix above?
Make sure to use spinach instead for those ones?
What are your tips and tricks for green smoothie making?

More than anything, I like the idea of utilizing green smoothies for weight loss.
I love the beach! For real, I could go every day in the summer.
And I will go. A lot. Even if by the time it's warm enough I haven't lost a single pound
and all the other Mom's at the lake are wondering who the whale is! :P
I'll go because I love it and my boys love it even more than I do.

But I don't want to be the whale Mom, either. I want to do better!
I'm hoping having a green smoothie more for breakfast and lunch will help!
THIS site has a great weight loss story and comparison.
Not to self: Use that bag of greens up before they go bad! ;)



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