Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring Break and Easter Fun

This last week has been Spring Break for Taron and Keaton, and for Cooper!
It's been fun having it be the week right before Easter...

The older boys concocted their own colors for dying eggs with vinegar and food color-
they turned out really  great! Good thing all of us but Stephen and Cooper
like hard boiled eggs, cuz we had three dozen of them!

Most mornings looked like this... a deserved case of hero worship right there ;)
Warms my heart so much!

It's also been nice that the weather has proved quite fair- the boys all got outside a lot. They love shooting bows across the yard. They also loved playing with the puppies a bit. One of the puppies will go home with Taron when it's old enough and he couldn't be much more excited!

I thought the boys would really enjoy this cool egg derby idea
I saw on fellow Idaho Blogger Adrienne's site Free Time Frolics.

We took raw eggs and they each colored on them to distinguish which was which. Stephen and I held a towel and they competed rolling their eggs in toward the middle. As the eggs smack into each other, they crack and the stronger egg wins! Then the winners battled each other- the boys really did like this! I'll have to remember to do this one each year as a new tradition :)

They might have enjoying flinging the broken raw eggs for the fun of it just as much!

Because Taron and Keaton had to go back to Pocatello for the later part of the week and weekend, we gave them their Easter gifts early in these cute brown sacks that I stamped and tied with ribbon. I loved the little books I found for them- they have QR codes throughout for them to watch videos and listen to the authors. I figured if they do nothing else, they would at least use their technology to do that part! :)

The little boys and I have also hit up the park this week...
It felt so good to sit and watch them and soak up the sun!
I know for sure I will not be ready to send Coop back to school on Monday!



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