Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Mr. Event Coordinator

This last weekend was the Idaho Falconer's Association Annual Fall Field Meet, which Stephen has been in charge of for the last two years. He is great at making this kind of thing a success. He also went to a lot of effort to make sure there were good hunting opportunities for those that came and everyone was impressed with the great flights they were able to see, despite the wind. You did great, babe... and, I admit, as you already know, I'm grateful it's over :) More than anything, though, I'm glad you were pleased with how it went and I am so proud of you!

Taron liked this shirt that one falconer had on- the front said something like "Raptors Rule" I think. This table is full of all the goods Stephen got donated for the club raffle- some really nice items specific to the sport. Stephen was really impressed with how white this gyr was- these kinds of birds are really rare and expensive! And I liked this pic of a couple of falconry vehicles- makes me realize my husband's method ain't all bad!

Taron and Keaton fitting right in...

Coop playing with a balloon at the banquet, which Stephen held at the Dimond Family Barn- it is really a neat place that has been set up for all kinds of events and reunions and what not. Stephen went to the effort this year of organizing a smoked tri-tip and dutch oven dinner, with the help of Uncle Bob and some falconer friends. Everyone raved about the great food.

Our friend Holly (a falconer friend's wife and falconer herself) holding Ryder at the banquet. He is so cuddly looking!
Sunday was also our ward's primary program and the boys did great participating! Stephen had been asked quite awhile ago if he would participate with a small group of men in singing part of a song during the program. It would have been easy for him to make his falconry event a bigger priority than church, and he even had several fellow falconers try to convince him not to go, but he showed up and sang. I am so proud and blessed to be your wife, Stephen- thank you for being great!
And on a totally random, unrelated note: Thanks to my sister Lundyn for showing me this handy dandy little trick:


Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Random Us

Our sweet Ryder is now two months old and actually getting quite expressive. Both Stephen and I love sitting with him and getting him to smile and light up- his Daddy is particularly good at making him respond. :) Some more very fun months ahead seeing his expressions increase.

This last weekend our friends the Gardners came over for dinner and games- I thought Ryder looked awfully cute in this onesie and socks as we sat around the table. After we ate, we realized that all three boys had red mustaches from our drink and it made for a cute picture. Can see why red dye is so bad for us, eh? None the less, I still crave sugar free Cherry Limeade...

Coop loves wearing his camo baseball hat whenever Stephen wears his camo hat too. This picture struck me how big he is getting- he looks like a little boy not just a toddler somehow. He doesn't always look this grown up, thank goodness!

Coop occasionally gets in the bath with Ryder and coos over him the whole time. Needless to say, these baths are short lived so Ryder goes unscathed :)

We have the best next door neighbors- Cooper loves to go visit them at random, just bop in and out to say hello to them. Well, our neighbor is sick right now and Coop was so excited to make a card to accompany a meal we took him. It was neat to take him with me while we performed a little bit of service- I like thinking that he feels that little bit of joy inside that comes from little acts of kindness just like I do and that it will matter to him someday.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Blessing Day

Yesterday was Ryder's blessing day- what a great day with family and friends! Stephen did a great job and I was so proud of him. There were actually two confirmations yesterday too and the bishop was about to go on with the rest of church once they were over. Luckily the stake president that was visiting stopped him and reminded him of our blessing! Kinda funny... scary for just a minute, but funny too. :) Ryder wore the same outfit that Cooper had, which is actually the one Stephen did when he was a baby- kind of a neat tradition.
My Mom and Dad, and Lundyn and Quincy stayed the night with us and seemed to take care of everything that needed done- I appreciate them so much! We love our way of life that focuses on bringing families together. Thanks to everyone who supported our special day!

Last night Cooper was insistant that Ryder needed his binkie while he was holding him and I couldn't resist getting this picture. :)


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