Thursday, November 13, 2014

Fun Fall Festivities

These last few days things have turned seriously cold (like, middle of the winter, for real, below freezing cold), but it's still technically Fall, so I thought I'd share some of the fun we've been having lately. :)

Fall is hunting season in large part for this house full of boys. We've most recently been going after pheasants on Saturday mornings- obviously in this trip above it wasn't below freezing yet! This year Stephen got me a shotgun of my own that is a bit smaller and lighter- it's been fun honestly. I really want some cool rooster tail feathers to decorate with, but we've only come home empty handed so far.

This year Stephen and Taron tried harder than they ever have before to get Taron his first kill. Cooper got to go out with them some and obviously couldn't have been much more thrilled about it! :) Dad and Taron had general deer tags and went out twice to no avail. Then Stephen picked Taron up from school one day on his way to clean a tank in Aramo, thinking they could just look around briefly in the process...

... and, of course, that'd be the winning go. I love the look on his face in this picture. So proud of him! and Cooper's been including being thankful for the deer Taron shot in just about every prayer since... :)

Fall calls for pumpkin cookies with cream cheese frosting! That recipe is HERE if you should like- easiest thing ever that Lundyn shared with our family several years ago. They are Ryder's favorite... I just love pics of kiddos licking beaters :)

Went to lunch with Mom and everyone just before Halloween- Brylee and Ryder got a big kick out of the all the great decorations. I told them to try and look like the skeletons did :) 

Family fun at the U Pick Pumpkin Patch. This year they had these cool go carts and a track around the patch to ride them on. They were even big enough for adults- the boys all loved that part!

And Halloween! This year we got to trick or treat around Moore and Mackay since we were there for Stephen's Idaho Falconer's meet. It really was fun- Halloween just like I remember.

More than anything, though, this Halloween will be remembered as the Year of the Dog Bite... Stephen's dog Rocky didn't like seeing Cooper in that fur hat and all the leather fringe all over his moutain man costume! When he stepped up on the step above Stephen, he latched right into Cooper's leg- yikes! So we doctored poor Cooper's crummy dog bit on his thigh for the next two days :/ Bummer but it all worked out in the end.

And just for the fun of it I thought I'd share these simple little gifts the boys gave to their teachers at the end of their first week of school at Ucon. A Fanta pop with a striped stick of hard candy I got at Zurchers! "Thanks for helping us have a fanta.stick first week!" Kinda fun, eh? :) Here's some tags you can right click and save to print if you should have a use for a quick easy little gift too. I thought they might be good for aides and front office ladies and such for Christmas, so I whipped one up quick for that too- enjoy! :)



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