Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Good Times with Good Friends

This last weekend we went camping with our good friends the Gardners. We trucked down near the Utah border to Sublett Resevoir area, pulled off the road up into the hills and made our own little camp spot. It rained a bit while we were there, but nothing enough to keep us from being happy. It was just nice to spend a solid block of time together as a family and the added bonus of friends. Two days of naps with my little boy is ceratinly an awesome vacation in my world right now :)

Cooper can't get enough of this toy dumptruck of Monica's. He could literally play all day with this thing. The truck and this little green shovel were pretty precious comodities around camp!
Playing tractors in the tent. I love this hat on him!
The highlight of the trip was probably our jaunt down to the reservoir. We intended to just let the boys throw rocks and run around, but...

it started out just playing with this stick in the water...

when they kept getting in deeper, we decided to let them roll up thier pants...

but then Cooper fell down and crawled out... so, off came the shirts! All I can say is, it was worth it:

Gosh we love little boys... hope anyone reading had a good Memorial Day weekend too!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Chubby Cheeks Already!

This week we got to have both a fetal echo to take an in depth look at the baby's heart and a normal ultrasound. The echo indicated that all looks great with the baby's heart- nice to ease that worry at least!

The ultrasound showed that things are measuring totally average- I was glad to know that this baby isn't bigger than normal, at least yet! I love that he looks like he has chubby little cheeks already! And he always has his hands or arms up around his face- Cooper was exactly the same. In a few weeks I'll start doing non-stress tests twice a week to track the baby's wellness in the womb more closely. It's starting to get to the time when I feel like I'm in the Dr. office a lot, but I'm also grateful for the reassurance each visit!

Last time the ultrasound pics were a bit hard to understand, so I labeled this one to help:

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Digital Scrap Page

I haven't done a new page in awhile, so this was kinda fun to whip up. Pictures of Cooper sure make me smile!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Our Random Goings On

Today was my first day back to work and it's never a very fun day. Work is one of those things that I can't complain about but still do I guess. There's something just fundamentally against my grain when it comes to leaving my little boy so I can go to the office. Nothing there will ever be as important as he is. I know as the season goes on, it will get easier and I have the best child care situation ever thanks to our awesome friend, Monica. Yet again, I can't complain, but still do...

Last Friday we went to Pocatello to see Taron participate in his class concert and open house. All the kids had a special solo part and he did great on his- we were so proud watching him! Cooper was too and yelled "Hi brother!" right when it was quiet! :) It was sure cute. It was fun to see the boys' every day environment- their school looked like a pretty happy place.

We also spent the rest of Friday and Saturday visiting our own mothers and grandmothers. Cooper makes visiting my Mom and Dad pretty enticing- he's in his own little heaven when we are there. Between Grammie and Papa themselves, "Sis", the backhoe, the horses, dirt and shovels in the garden, the fun outside play toy and trampoline, the collectible toy cars on the shelf... there is so much to keep him happy there! It was nice to have a quick visit and hopefully all of our Moms knew that they were loved this weekend and all the time. We are who we are in large part because of them :)
For Mother's Day Sunday we went on a picnic down to Hagerman after church. It was sincerely hot! I was wishing we could jump in the water to swim. We had a fun time looking at fish at the Hatchery and just soaking up a beautiful day...

Then later last night Stephen burned our big pile and Cooper was loving following his Daddy's lead throwing more fuel on it (or at least trying from a distance)! It's so fun to see him mimicking pretty much everything.

Just a few cute pics from the last couple weeks... Playing with Playdoh- we made the dough into rocks that his little toy backhoe could pick up and dump out :)

Loving pickles lately! I love how he says it- pittles :) This pic is one of my new favs...

Trying to wear Dad's camo pants. Gosh we sure love this little boy...


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