About Me

Hello, hello!
(Yes, I really do use that very greeting in real life!)

I'm Sky and I'm so glad you're here at Capital B!
Here's a few  several  more random things than you might care to hear
about me and our family just for the fun of it...

I much prefer even numbers. To the point that when I change the volume, or edit photo levels etc, I do it in twos. Factors of five are okay though. I know, I know... I’m weird. :)

I really dislike making left turns without a stoplight. I’ll drive around the long way and make three right turns in order to avoid making a left one.

I’m the most indecisive person EVER. When I make a decision, it has to feel right and sink in before I proceed. Even dumb things like which store I should go to and whether or not I buy certain things.  If I make a decision that I regret, I have a hard time letting it go. Instead I stew about it for much longer than necessary, as though it will change anything. :P

I have Type One Diabetes and wear an insulin pump (that's my site on my arm above). After 26 years and counting, I’ve largely escaped complications and I am SO very grateful!

Part of me wishes I lived like Anne of Avonlea, with puffed sleeves and poofy buns and a one room schoolhouse. We'd live at the end of a rather long lane, no other houses around for a mile or so, and tons of big shade trees. All the neighbors, which would include my extended family and in-laws, would get together for barn raisings regularly, though. And there would of course be a Target within 15 minutes and we'd drive SUV's with plenty of leg room for everyone. Video games would not exist and my boys would move pipe and drive farm trucks in the summer for work. Ahem (cue ripple in the record sound)... anyhow, that little thought train says a heckuva lot about me right there! To read about how I sometimes actually feel about real life, try this post :)

My husband, Stephen, and I met on a blind date! He drove half way across the state to take me out. And on that first date, he made the comment, “I go through some hair changes,” followed by performing a few silly voice impersonations for me over dinner. Hmm… I thought he might just be one of those "real winners." Turns out he sold me on the fact that I can't live without him- ha ha. :). He balances my seriousness really well and is forever lifting me up to be who and what I am. He also does fewer impressions these days, thank heavens. :)

When I married him, I became a wicked Step Mom to two awesome little dudes, Taron and Keaton. They were just three and five then, and now they’re driving and entering high school- what the what?! I’ve gone the gamut of emotions when it comes to step motherhood, but no matter what, these two are AWESOME young men! They complete me and our family and we always wish they were with us more. :)

It might go without saying that I kinda like emoticons. I seem to do this... :) .... quite a lot. Or else this... :P .... or maybe this... ;) But that's really it, I promise. :)

And you’ve already gathered it’s a Boys World, right? We also have two little dudes, Cooper and Ryder. They are almost as different as two kids can be and keep my life interesting and full! Collections of little rocks and Skylanders, drawings of all kinds and random action figures are pretty much everywhere around here. I use the term and hashtag #boysrule a lot- because, well, they just do! (My hands are tied on this one, ya know?) :) Blessedly...

We own and operate an aquarium business called Aquatic Perfections here in Idaho Falls. (Stephen and I are both eastern Idaho natives and have lived in Idaho our whole lives.) For real, my husband is a salt water aquarium encyclopedia. And I'm just a whiz at sending invoices and picking up shipments at the airport. :)

These days, this blog sees more of my sharing our family goodness than anything else. That is what brings me the most joy in this space these days :)

The best place to find me is Instagram. :) It never fails to make me smile hearing from and connecting with people that visit the blog! I hope you'll let me know you stopped by and tell me a bit about yourself too!


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