Friday, August 28, 2009

Welcome to the World...

... Ryder Ryan Buffat.
Born August 19, 2009, at exactly 8:00 a.m. 10 pounds, 3 ounces, 22 inches.
We are indescribably blessed.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Bit of Not Much

Not too much happening around here... just counting down one more week really.
Our latest ultrasound pic... he was sucking his thumb yesterday! This pic isn't the clearest, but hopefully you can make out the face and his hand in his mouth :) I'm starting now to get things together to take to the hospital and have ready at home. Cooper found a new toy loader that he wanted recently at the store. I told him maybe he could get something new like that for when Grammie came to be with him while our baby brother was born. Well, now that's about all he can talk about- his new loader when baby brother comes! Sure hope I can find that exact toy... :)

And while I do like the nesting feeling, somehow I'm finding it more overwhelming than anything- so much to do or want done, and yet my body is incapable of it right now! I can only do so little before I'm physically screaming to sit down or lie down or just stop- sheesh! What gets done will get done and what doesn't will have to wait I guess... we live here healthily, so I'm certain our newborn will survive!

Spent part of this last weekend getting baby things in order- pulled this swing out of the closet and Cooper played and played in it, despite being too big! I hesitate to tell him he's too big because I don't want him to feel like he's being pushed out of the way for the baby coming. Besides, it's so cute to see him at times like this... He announced awhile back that he would hold the baby in his lap while he was swinging :)

Gosh he melts my heart... will summer ever be long enough? (Unless you're Stephen and then Fall can't get here fast enough!) I look at these pics and confess that my heart is worried as our family grows. Will I be able to spread myself thin enough? Will Cooper always know he is special and important, even when he's not the only? Will I survive our attachment being severed to a degree? Despite this worry, I really am excited for our baby! Will he know that he is cherished too? Will I be able to bond with him as strongly? I just have to trust that my Heavenly Father can make me more than I am now and that, with His hand in the details of our life, it will all work out. I intend for our life with two to mean twice the joy, not half :)

Bundled up recently for a morning drop off at Monch's. Really her name is Monica, but Cooper long since called her Monch and it's stuck. Now she just might always be "Monch" :) Good thing we love her and her family, because I'm convinced we'll never come anywhere near loving the drop off.

As we were doing some re-arranging this weekend, Cooper found some left over rolls of Christmas wrapping paper. He kept saying "I want Christmas," as in he wanted it to be Christmastime. He loves looking at pics from Christmas and always asks me to turn our calendar to December when he's in the kitchen... anyhow, I came up with the idea to have him wrap one of his toys and take turns giving it to Dad or I (no doubt the boys will be bombarded with this too when they come this weekend). He loved it! He will cover a toy with this scrap of paper and say "Merry Christmas!" as he hands it to one of us or opens it himself- precious. Makes me anxious already for the holidays...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

A New Year of Redfish Memories

Despite my worry over the stress and discomfort of camping this late in our pregnancy, it just wouldn't be summer without Redfish, so we ventured for this last weekend to one of my favorite places on earth.

It is so fun to see the next generation loving this place too... This is where as a kid myself I learned to ride my bike, learned to waterski, buried my Dad and uncles in the sand, walked to the store to get popsicles, sat in the shade and ate butterscotch brownies, rode in the boat and marveled at my Dad skiing, eventually took ski runs at dusk myself... Redfish is a huge memory in my childhood! And there is something so fulfilling about watching my own kids here- makes it worth it to go even though I'm not my best self right now...

Taron skiing!! I got tears in my eyes as Stephen and my mom helped Taron get up on the waterskiis! He did so good- one try was all it took and he made it over the rollers on the way back too! He also did great on the kneeboard and begged my Dad to take him whenever there was a spare minute. Keaton also thought about trying the kneeboard, but ended up being happier just swimming and playing- I think that kid could live in the water! Thanks to all my family that helped the boys try new things this trip!

Such a shame that the beautiful mountains got cut out of this picture... but good that you can't see my big belly! Pretty stylin' family :)

Coop did not like the tube at all at Island Park earlier this summer, but this time he hopped in with my cousin Koelle and loved it while Papa pulled him around :)

When Cooper saw the water fountain, I could tell a light came on and he remembered it immediately from last year. He loved playing with it and making water come out fast!

Getting packed up to go... A great trip, more comfortable than I had thought it might be for sure. I would have really regretted not going and am so glad that we did! Stephen also got the chance to teach Taron how to fly fish this trip and they both had some really successful mornings of fishing. We love summer, love this place and love our family that makes good times even better!

Two Weeks and Counting...

With our delivery scheduled for August 19, we are counting down the next two weeks until our little guy arrives! Yesterday was one of my regular non-stress tests and they also gave me a few face pics of him while checking the fluid. I watched as he opened his mouth and kind of puckered up... pretty cute :)

At this point, the placenta is still healthy and his heart rate isn't showing any cause for concern. Both of those things were worries at this stage with Cooper, so I'm grateful!

I think Coop is pretty tuned in to what is going on in his little world... he talks about baby brother coming and says hi to my belly. He's excited for Grammie to come and take him to the hospital. I am anxious for how it will go to split my time in half, but I'll just do what I have to in order to make sure he knows he's my number one. :)


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