Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's About Time...

for an update, eh? :) I've been busy with all sorts of crafty things lately, from our ward's recent Super Saturday to a craft fair coming up. So, when I've had a few minutes I haven't spent it on the blog, but tonight I thought I'd get to it! Just a few pics from our everyday goings on lately...

 Tis' the season for hunting around our house... this is Taron's first year he's old enough to hunt and he has been loving the few times he's gotten to go so far. He shot the first duck during the hunt at a friend of ours' pond on youth day! Stephen also recently hosted the Fall Field Meet for the Idaho Falconer's Association- I really like this pic that someone took of him out flying.

 If ever it rains, Cooper and Ryder both attract to this puddle in front of our neighbor's house like magnets! I'm honesly not sure what I'll do when it's too cold for them to spend much time outside through the winter!

 The cutest baby legs ever! Monica and I made these (or more accurately, I shared the ideas and she did the sewing!) for a friend's baby shower- we loved how they turned out! And yes, Ryder got to do the honors of modeling them!

 Coop in his "rocket boots." Last spring we got these winter boots on clearance to save for the winter. We dug them out of the closet not too long ago and he has been wearing them almost ever since, calling them his "Rocket boots." Makes me smile :)

 As though we needed more evidence that it really is a boys' life around here, Cooper has been loving catching bugs and such lately. He always wants me to help him catch a cricket and on occasion he actually does! He was so proud of this one :) They are a novelty for a little while and get put in jars before being forgotten and released not too long later...

Oh my goodness these pics make me laugh! This is what trying to get a nice pic of my two little guys side by side in thier Sunday get-ups looks like at our house. They looked so handsome! The one with Coops arm straight out is his version of "put your arm around your brother!" And Ryder being still for more than three seconds? Riiiiight... Cutest little dudes ever :)


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Move Over, Cupcakes...

Autumn has arrived...

Aren't the twig sticks cute?! :) I saw the idea in a magazine last year after I was already tired of making caramel apples for the season, so I tried it out this year! As I was picking them off the tree, I thought it might look kinda dumb, but they turned out so fun! Lots more of these to come over the next couple of months, no doubt :)


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bare Bellies to Beanie Hats

 Last week we enjoyed some late summer with lots of fun times in the backyard and playing in the water. Gotta love how messy Ryder got after eating a fudgesicle :) And somehow last week we also became the owners of two little kitties- we figured they'd be tought enough pets to handle Cooper's antics!

And maybe Ryder's too :)



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