Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Huffaker Reunion

Last Friday we went to our niece Chelsea's baptism and then on to Downata Hot Springs for the Huffaker Reunion on Saturday. We all had a great time! Even Stephen and I got to go down the waterslide. Taron and Keaton were so fun to watch- they were soaking it up for sure. Cooper played and played in this fun little kiddie area they had with all kinds of water fountains. Thanks Mom for taking and sending the pics and thanks to Laci and Teri for planning this- a really good time!

Cooper loved getting all wet and trying to grab at the water fountains!

Keaton above and Taron below- super waterslide stars :)
Cooper with Grandpa- I just love pics like this. :)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Summer = Redfish

It wouldn't be summer without Redfish Lake! It's pretty neat to be at a point that I'm helping my own kids grow to love this place that I grew up in and love so much myself. Lots of changes around this year, but good memories and good times regardless! Stephen got in some decent fishing and I got in an awesome ski run. Love ths place.

Our cute boy in Mom's sunglasses. Whenever he has sunglasses on he looks around and does a cheesy grin- he is the coolest thing ever you know. :)

Love this one with grandpa.

Playing with sand toys with Quincy. She was so adorable and they played pretty well together this time. This pic makes me smile- love them.

Cooper could hardly get enough of playing in the fountain near our campsite. So curious and happy. :)

I Love to See the Temple

Pic from our recent visit to the Twin Falls Temple Open House. We had a worker help us take it and Cooper was tired of being contained, but I like it none the less- so beautiful and an awesome blessing for our area. Taron said that he had something "just hit him all over" inside- pretty neat to get to take the boys and have them feel that this is where they want to come back to one day. Open House ends August 16th!


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