Friday, July 18, 2008

Home Life

Just a few pics from our life at home recently. Love this pic of Coop in Dad's hat. He just shines.

With all 3 boyz on the tramp. It's been impossible to get a pic of all 3 of them together- Cooper hates being held down and won't stay still long enough! He's obviously not too happy, but I still like this one since we're all together.

This little fluff ball is Otis, Stephen's baby goshawk. He actually looks quite a bit different than this already- his feathers are coming in more and more. He's looking like a real bird, but he was just a little fluff ball exploring around the yard. Kinda funny, but that's our life!

Our Fourth of July

A few pics from Fourth of July, even though it's been awhile since. Fun, easy-going weekend at Grammie and Grandpa's. Stephen got a little bit of fishing in before getting white-capped off the reservoir. Cooper and I hung out at home- he loved all the space to bop around.

Cooper's Fourth of July outfit:

Grammie had a fun pool for Quincy and Cooper, but Cooper ditched it pretty fast. Quincy's trying to figure out what the deal is with him. :)

Quincy and Cooper eating grapes on the counter. We really wanted a fun picture of them both in thier cute Fourth of July outfits, but I think this was as close as they got all weekend! Quincy was pretty unsure of him, but next time will be better!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Independence Day

Happy Fourth of July friends and family! No matter what hard times and bad politics may come, our little family will forever be patriots and proud of the history of our nation and the love of God of our forefathers. We're grateful for at least one day a year to really remember how great this country has been, is and will continue to be thanks to We The People. Love you all!


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