Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Boredom Doesn't Live Here

Ryder is now a rolling boy! It's easy to see he loves having a new way to be more free. He rolls from one side of the room to the other, mostly in the name of keeping up with his brother! As ever, it's both exciting and heartwrenching to watch him find each new step. He's also eating baby foods now and there's a part of me that wants to hesitate... can't stop the flood it seems! Wouldn't want to either... :)

There is almost certainly a justification for why it's ok that he play in the flour bucket coming out of his mouth as I took this picture! A mess indeed, but it can be cleaned up and a bit of creative fun was had :) I'm actually kinda proud of myself when I can pause, tell myself it's really no big deal and just let him carry on with childhood... Like the time the scotch tape in the dispenser was stretched from the office into the living room... :)

Propped up perfectly on Dad's belly against the back of the couch...Adorable :)

I recently saw this idea and thought Cooper might like trying a simplified version, so one slow afternoon recently, we had a ball making marshmellow men and fences and tents, etc. He quickly rounded up his Little People animals and other small toys and played with them for several days... good times in I-Love-Being-Home-ville :)

Happy Puffs!

Don't you just love how you can get away with so much in the eyes of kids? Corny things like jumping around the living room to music from a movie, singing without much thought to being in tune, and calling pom pom balls "Happy Puffs." :)

That's what they are in our world these days at least... I've put an age old idea to use to get Cooper to cooperate better at getting dressed, listening quicker, speaking kindly, etc. When he is good, he earns a "happy puff" and puts it in the designated jar. When the jar is full, we'll get to go picnicking down in the Snake River Canyon.

He loves whenever we cross the bridges over the Canyon and is always asking to go down there, so it's a fun incentive! Going really well thus far... other than I'm running out of green puffs because that's all he wants to pick :)

I would have made this all cuter, but it's durable this way... yet another thing to love about kids... a little bit of frosting goes a long way ;)

Weekend with the Brothers

We took the boys to the park in the process of delivering our Valentine treats while they were here- it was cold, but fun! I love this pic of Cooper peeking out. I have a better pic of all three of them on the slide, but it's on my other camera which is now dead so I can't upload from it right now- so how it goes, eh? Taron and Keaton were great to play with Coop and help make it fun, even though I know it's not thier favorite brand of fun anymore ;)

Look a bit familiar? Seems Coop can't help but cuddle up with Taron whenever he is hangin' out on the floor. Warms my heart! Thanks for a great weekend boys!
Their mom is about to have a baby, and they may not get to be with us for the weekend again until afterward- good luck Tara and boys in getting your new little one here and home!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Wishing everyone a great Valentines Day- hopefully you know you are loved today and always! We are grateful for our family and friends that fill our life with love and goodness!

Just a few of the fun things that have been the "frosting" on our Valentines season:

Candy bar bouquets for Taron, Keaton and Cooper- they loved these and they turned out so cute! Crafty things that make our kids happy are my favorite things to create :) We love you boys! I found this idea here.

Kiss Jar for Josh, Lundyn and Quincy! Cooper helped with the stickers and putting candy in-this was a fun, simple project that he could help with! We love you Stuarts! To see where I got this idea, click here.

I love the idea of bag toppers and really enjoyed making these ones for treats that we delivered to some friends and neighbors! This won't be the last time I use this idea for sure :) I'm sure this is a common idea, but I first got it here.

Thanks again to all of you that make our life great- you are being thought of and loved by us today!


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