Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Visit to the Zoo!

Also while we were over in East Idaho, we got to see my sister Lundyn and little niece Quincy. We all went to a really fun playground at Tauphus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls and then walked around to see the animals. A really fun day with a few of our favorite people!

A huge turtle!

Neat peacock all fanned out...

Dazed and confused with Mom...

And this is what he was most interested in- pushing the stroller on his own :)

Our Feet May Leave, but Never our Hearts

I've seen tile and wooden signs with this saying... "Home, that our feet may leave, but never our hearts." I know for me, this is certainly true. My own home and the area we live with our own little family is very much home, but when I visit my parents I still feel the comfort of home there too. It is a place I think I'll forever cling to for a sense of comfort and a renewal of my enthusiasm and ambition. One thing that makes our visits home even better now is seeing Cooper love it there too.

Last weekend Stephen took a short hunting/ business trip while Cooper and I traveled to East Idaho to visit my parents and sisters. Cooper mimicks Grammie and Papa's every move- I'm pretty sure there couldn't be a more adoring fan. He loves and talks constantly about Papa and the backhoe and could've dug forever with Grammie in the garden. I only got a few pics, but I thought they were pretty special.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Snake River Canyon Love

With warmer weather recently, all of the water falls in the Snake River Canyon are sights to see right now. This last weekend we took time to go down to Caldron Linn, a lesser known falls closer to home, with our friends the Gardners. I had never seen it so high! You could definetly tell why it's named after a caldron! Everyone had fun throwing rocks into the water too... little boys and big boys- seems like the appeal of throwing rocks into water somehow never ends :)

Stephen is tough you know... :)

Good times with good friends

Then on Sunday afternoon, we thought we would venture taking a picnic down to Shoshone Falls, a popular water fall closer to Twin. (Cooper is eating a popsicle on the way in this adorable plaid hat) Well, after seeing the line of cars in the pic below, our picnic turned into eating our sandwhiches on the way back home. With another mile to go down into the Canyon beyond this line of cars, we didn't want to wait that long just to have nowhere to park! We are country mice for sure- give us the place where fewer people are! Anyhow... guess that's what happens when spring fever convinces us to try and turn Sunday into Saturday :) We'll catch Shoshone Falls another day!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

It's A...

... Boy! Today we had our ultrasound to tell us what we're having and found out we will be blessed with another little boy. It will be so fun to see him and Cooper be friends and to have another mama's boy to love. I remember when we found out it was a boy with Cooper, my Grandma Karen told me that "Boys are close with thier moms" and so far I've found that is true- I couldn't love it more. :) The ultrasound was also able to tell us that all of the measurements are right on track, everything physically looks great, 3 parts to the cord and 4 chambers to the heart. That reassurance is what matters most for sure. At any rate, it remains a Boy's Life in the Buffat Family!

The top pic is a profile shot, the middle a 4D of his head (eyes, nose) and the bottom him with his arm over his eyes. 4D ultrasound is amazing- it always takes my breath away!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Fun

This Easter weekend was packed with all kinds of fun- it was fun to have Taron and Keaton with us and they were great sports about everything. We hid thier Easter baskets after church and Stephen gave them both a run for thier money finding them! My favorite thing about all three boys being together is how awesome they are with thier little brother. Cooper couldn't love them more and they are awesome big brothers. :)

Coop scoping out his Easter bucket. It's so fun to see him really taking things like this in for the first time, actually being old enough to comprehend them. The look on his face when he found his bucket, his excitement over his new little tractor and little yellow Peeps is so heartwarming. Everything is exciting for this little guy right now- and it makes our life awesome. I couldn't love more how he says "Mommy!" in such an excited little scream every time he sees something he likes or recognizes. I hope that never changes and I am always as responsive as I need to be. :)

The boys dying eggs on Friday night. Taron and Keaton were pretty good at getting creative and making them really pretty. Cooper was so excited in general and got his hands all blue and green. He sure didn't want to be patient for them to get very colorful, so Taron and Keaton re-soaked most of his when he was off playing later! Then we ate the eggs for breakfast with pull aparts before Church on Sunday. Yummy and beautiful :)
On a side note, Stephen and I both had to teach combined lessons on Easter Sunday and I have to say that our preparations made it so that we felt the spirit of Easter and a gratitude for the Atonement and Resurrection moreso than in recent years. I know that our Savior's Resurrection makes everything in life possible- the priesthood, eternal families, repentance, joy, our ability to prove ourselves. This year, and hopefully moreso every year, we are grateful and awed by the real meaning of Easter. :)

Family Easter Party

Every year my mom's side of our family gets together on Easter Saturday for swimming, potluck and a huge egg hunt. It's fun to see cousins and family that now have thier own families. This year Taron and Keaton got to join us for the fun and they were totally beat by the end of the day. Together our three boys seemed to have enough candy to last until Halloween! I love traditions like this that never seem to change- good times. :)

Cooper finding an egg. He was actually more interested in playing on my Aunt and Uncle's toy tractor than finding eggs, so we coaxed him along the whole time. Taron and Keaton were rushing everywhere and we didn't even get any pictures of them! No wonder they had so much loot!

Cooper and my little niece Quincy. Playing and finding at the same time :)

My youngest sister Cyndel in her hottie prom sunglasses. Cooper and Quincy both call her "sis" (I don't even think they would know her real name) and she is awesome with them! Always fun to see this fun girl.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

"Grampa, Bathoe... Hosses!"

We had a fun weekend at home in Moore with my Mom and Dad, aka. Grammie and Papa. It's been too long since we've been out there for a visit! Cooper has been really into tractors lately and he was so excited to ride on Grandpa's backhoe! All weekend he kept asking, "Grampa, hosses, bathoe, ouside!" My Dad was awesome to take him and play. Mom played a lot too, even the basketball game when she was sick and tired of it! We also got to see my sister Cyndel in her high school musical- so fun to know someone on stage and she did a great job! Thanks for a great weekend Mom, Dad and Sis!

Jumpn and Swingn and Playn, oh my!

Cooper always has some pretty sweet hat hair after I take off his warm hat. I couldn't resist a picture of this particular time! :)

Swingn with Daddy. I have to just say that Stephen rocks- he is such a great Dad and makes his kids so happy. :)

Jumpn Boy! Lately he's been doing lots of climbing up on things and jumping off into pillows or the beanbags. He is quite a dare devil! I love the arm up in the air, as though he might as well be flying across town :)

With the baby chicks no longer, Stephen came bringing Cooper home a pair of baby geese. Several people will be glad to know that they are pets and not hawk food :) Cooper loves trying to get them to play with him and pulling them around in his little block wagon. They are now an outside toy only since Mom just can't really handle this kind of thing in the house, but he sure does enjoy them!


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