Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thanksgiving on Wheels

This year we enjoyed  Thanksgiving with Stephen's extended family and because there were no available chruch buildings in Pocatello, the owners of the roller skating rink allowed us to have our get together there! The meal itself was placed all around arcade games and at the snack bar- not you typical Thanksgiving for sure. But then afterward most all of the cousins and aunts and uncles strapped on roller skates and had a ball! Cooper did AWESOME on his own skates and asked "can we take these home?" :) We got to push Ryder in a stroller and he danced to the music the whole time! We missed Taron and Keaton not beinfg with us but are grateful we'll have Christmas together. A very fun Thanksgiving memory- thanks to my great in-laws for a great day and for being such neat people all around!


A Month in Review

Yet again I am behind, but I am sitting down today to get caught up and am really hoping to stay that way! Here's a few pics of our last month or so:

Cooper playing grocery store- he loved this and its a good boredom buster right now!

Stephen bundled the boys up in their towels after the bath- such little men!
 A recent visit to Grandma and Grandpa's- Cooper could move in there no doubt!

Monica and I at a local craft fair we participate in earlier this month. Our booth looked awesome thanks to Stephen's help!

The boys loved making my leaf raking a harder chore than it should have been! ;) It was fun to watch them play in the leaves...

 ... only to have it snow on my piles a couple of days later! Like anywhere else in Idaho right now, we are basically snowbound right now- but we love it! I love the white of winter...



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