Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Redfish Icing on our Summer

This summer we've been able to stay fairly close to home (like most always), and still see some really amazing places, making new memories in our most favorite spots. We went to Redfish this year later than we ever have. We certainly faught the weather, but no matter what, we were at Redfish (and with family)! That's awesome in itself ;)

Snatched a quick opportunity when all of the boys were right with me in the boat :) This year we took Taron and Keaton's uncle Sean with us- he's their Mom's adopted younger brother, actually a year younger than Taron! He's been with us a couple times this summer and we really enjoy him.

No one hesitated to jump in on the fun behind the boat our first day there! Good thing because our sunshine didn't really last... I love watching everyone playing in the water :)

This year, to everyone's shock, my Dad actually got a big tube for everyone to use! (He's never been a fan at all of tubes). The little kids loved it! Ryder just lit up riding it- good purchase for sure.

Fun times at the beach too, even is they were wearing sweatshirts some of the time while they were at it!

This year Ryder had his fifth birthday while we were there! It was fun to try and make it a special day. We went to the fish hatchery to fish- everyone did really well there. We tried the Yankee Fork ponds again- we loved them last year- but this year just wasn't great for some reason.

Aunt Lundyn brought a pinata for everyone to have a little beach party with! I had planned several beach games too, but for the most part it was rainy that day, so we just enjoyed the pinata :)

The next day we rented a SUP for the day from Stanley- it was such a hit! It really was fun to use and share with everyone. Conner got the hang of it for sure. I never could do anything but kneel- my balance is so terrible!

Ryder briefly got to enjoy the boat Grandpa and Grandma gave him for his birthday too :)

Of course, we had tree mail again, more casual this year. We included the older boys in our adult Tenzi tournament instead of tree mail and next year, I'm including them anyway- they missed it I think! The Tenzi tournament was one of the trip highlights for sure, though- all of use rolling dice together- so fun!

A great year of Redfish, no matter what- forever, one of my very, very favorite places on earth :)


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