Sunday, June 10, 2012

Water Gun Targets 3.0

For the past 2 years, I've created some fun little targets
to give my boys something besides me to shoot their water guns at...
And this year is no exception! 

Last year, I did some with letters to help Cooper learn to recognize common letters.
This year, they are just plain fun images of things both my boys enjoy.
So, we have:

To make them, you can click here to find and print a document with all seven of the target designs on it- print them all, or pick and choose! Once you have your papers (I just used plain old copy paper), you"ll need:

Paper trimmer
clear ConTact paper
scrap cardboard (diaper boxes work great)
spray adhesive...
(some is shown below)

These are sized to be 7.5" square, just right to print in a narrow margin document.
Just trim off the bottom end to give yourself even squares :)
Roll out the ConTact paper and lay your prints face down:

This is what makes them waterproof! If you have a laminator machine and the plastic sleeves, those are great and super simple too! The cardboard part, honestly, was born of the fact that I just didn't have enough ConTact paper left to do both the front and back of my squares. So, I hacked up a diaper box I had lying around (ya know, one of the four that were stacked up in the boys' closet takin' up space!). I measured and marked 7.5" squares and cut them out with a knife... Somewhere in the mix, cut the target squares that you laid across your ConTact paper out too :)


Then I sprayed the brown side of the squares with spray adhesive and attached, then smoothed, my targets down onto the cardboard. I sprayed the brown side because the side that has the label on it is kinda coated, smoothish. It will hold up to the water better even if it's not so pretty on the back side!

Alright- you've got sturdy, waterproof, cutsie images just waiting to be doused with water- let the games begin! I taped mine around our yard- on the porch, the swingset, the side of the house. Then I hollered out to the boys different ones to shoot at and they ran from place to place, watering away...

I know- Coop's belly! Could you die?!! :D

For another version, I taped them to different objects and placed them around our tramp.
As they jumped, I called out which one to have them shoot... 

They love them! Ryder is particularly fond of the Transformer one and packs it around as though it were one of his guys :) They held up to the water great... I did bring them inside so they weren't sitting out overnight and they are ready to go for another warm day!

When all was said and done, the boys got popsicles...

Only after I bribed them with them in order to get this...

Which, of course, came after this...


Anyhow... again, you can click here to print off your own water gun targets
and save yourself from being on the receiving end too! Enjoy!


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