Sunday, January 4, 2015

Snow and Fun and Family... oh, and Christmas

Been awhile... obviously :)

Our whole family on Christmas Day-
fun time sledding and shooting after the presents and naps were over :)

December saw the little boys performing in their hip hop dance recital
and some fun Christmas songs at school...

and our classic throw-together style nativity at the family party :) This year we also added a talent show as part of the party and it was so fun! Cooper did a joke routine and Ryder did and little bit of dancing- cute, cute cute! Everyone's part was just fun :)

We loved having Taron and Keaton with us over the Christmas break- actually for both holidays.

New Christmas eve jammies- the older are much too cool to be included in pics like this these days ;)

More of Christmas Day 

Then we paid a few dollars to be able to shoot at the range for the rest of the month- we went twice and it was a great way to break up our lazy days! Love these boys :)



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