Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let's Play a Little Game...

Those of you who see us more often and know my kids well will find this easy, but lately I've been taking pictures that have struck me as dejavu and I thought it would be fun to compare!
So heartwrenching how time flies!

Monday, April 19, 2010

By the Midnight Oil

Thought I'd share a few bits of recent "frosting"... Seems lately that anything creative I've been able to accomplish has been by the midnight oil. Even though I generally should opt to go to bed I suppose that, as Stephen would say, I can sleep when I'm dead. :)

This is a paper bag album that I'll be teaching the ladies in our ward how to put together at next week's monthly Relief Society activity. I love teaching and helping others craft too! This example is a year-in-review, with each page or spread being a different month. It's very simple so we could keep the cost and the preparation run-around to a minimum, but none the less I like how it turned out. My friend Monica and I each put together a little book. Her's is of her oldest son's first year with the same idea- very versatile! Hopefully this will be a fun and productive night!

I found the idea for these ribbon wristlets at Tatertots and Jello and thought they were so cute! For some reason these just struck my style- I love, love, love ribbon! I like that these can be both dressy and casual, and that they were so easy and quick to make. I confess the one I wore to church last Sunday became more of a toy for Ryder than anything, but it still felt fun and springy- I hope to make more of these for gifts over the next few weeks!

Happy Spring Faces

We are loving the warm weather around here! This one below of them is so classic- Coop being a cheese and Ryder happy as happy. Kids rock :)

This is our awesome neighbor, Lynn. He and his wife Gail, and thier daughter Kyla, are the best people ever to live next door to! They surely get tired of my calling in need of a cup of this or a few teaspoons of that. We love these great people!

Ry in a play cowboy hat- we never get enough of that full face smile!

His first time in the bath chair- he loves it! My sister nabbed this up for me and it has been a great baby tool.

I can hardly believe he's old enough for this- actually swinging on the tire swing himself! I love having a tire swing hanging in our backyard. Makes me feel a little more American or something.... (I know, I know, I'm wierd) :)

One of my fav recent pics of my Coop- he loves playing in the flour bucket! I don't let him too often, but sometimes, hey whatever!

Friday, April 2, 2010

We Love Easter!

I love Easter time- I seem to be a little more thoughtful of spiritual things and love the energy of springtime. Without a doubt, filling my kids' Easter baskets is one of my favorite traditions of the entire year!
Last weekend when the boys were here, we were able to get these few pictures of them in their Easter get-ups (with Conference this weekend, we got them all dressed up the week before). I remember Easter dresses and hats, little white gloves and purses so well as a little girl! And even though I have boys, I plan to make Easter a special time for them that way too :)

Hopefully you take a minute to watch the video above. I am so grateful for my Savior and know that, indeed, He Lives! It is because of Him that everything IS- our families, our goals, our existence, is a result of His Resurrection. Wishing anyone stopping by a very Happy Easter!


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