Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Paint Chip Matchbooks

I love a rainbow of colors!
How can you not be a little happier seeing ROYGBIV all together? :)

Awhile back, I started swapping matchbook notepads that I'd made using my paper scrap stash on whoodwhoop. I had to stop offering them when we moved cause I just couldn't keep up anymore! Not too long ago, I had the thought that the paint chip strips I'd been collecting through the summer might just be the perfect size for making the notepads and indeed they were!

And I think they are the happiest thing I've made in awhile! They are so easy and fun- a creative little something to stash in your bag for jotting notes. I love grabbing a few as we leave for church so Cooper can doodle during sacrament! I've also included them as thank you freebies with my etsy orders!

Want to make your own? I got these paint strips at Walmart- an easy place to pick up a few. At one end of the strip, fold a little bit up- no more than half an inch or so.

I used five sheets of plain white printer paper to cut small pieces 4.25" x 2"- these measurements are perfect and leave very little waste! Put ten sheets (or soat the bottom of the paint strip, tucked under the little tab you just folded!

Now fold the long piece down over the papers so it meets just past your little tab on the bottom. Sew a straight line at the bottom through all the papers and tuck the top piece in- you're done! So very easy and fast! If you don't sew, you can also punch a staple at the bottom. :)

All tucked in :) A simple little bit of happiness!


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