Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Simple Cupcake Liner Retirement Gift and Tag

Wouldn't early summer be the perfect time to retire?
Just in time to really soak up the sun better than ever before!

Recently Stephen had his primary contact at one of his aquarium accounts retire. They were less than close friends, but valued acquaintances still. He asked me to come up with something simple he could give her as token of how he appreciated his time working with her and her accomplishment of retiring!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Diaper Cakes vs. Car Seats: Gifting Made Eaisier

It's no secret that I love giving gifts!
Putting a cute gift together is probably my very favorite way to channel my creativity.
There's just something about that little twinge you get inside when you're giving, ya know?

So I'm excited to write a post for this cool gift giving site called Ziftit-
knowing that you're giving something that the recipient really wants makes it even more fun!

Aren't these diaper cakes my sister-in-law and I made recently cute, cute, cute?! We kinda thought so. This is one of my very favorite baby shower gifts to give- just plain fun! But here's the thing: while new Moms like cutie clothes or these cutie cakes for sure, they could actually use things like car seats, bouncy chairs, or changing pads, right? I knew when I made this that my friend would have to take it apart immediately for lack of space- and a plain ole' box of diapers isn't really what I was going for, ya know? :P

Monday, June 24, 2013

Erin Condren Giveaway!

Happy Monday all! Is it just me or do Mondays pretty much feel like Saturdays now that it's summer? If I was still going to the office to work every day, I surely wouldn't feel that way, though! Either way, I have no doubt this colorful giveaway today will help make your week better!

I am really excited that I was able to be part of this awesome giveaway... Confession: I hadn't been to before this giveaway came about. But the moment I saw this website, I knew I wanted to be in! I LOVE lots of colors all together- a rainbow would probably be my actual favorite color if that were possible ;) And erin condren is super full of color- love their motto: Make Everyday a Happy Day :)

Anyhow... anyone that has a love for cute stationery, cards, notes, papers, wrapping, etc. will love it! I know that kind of stuff always draws me in!  And for those of you that were already in the know on erin condren, you've long since skipped over my mumbo jumbo here and entered, right? :) 

So much awesome stuff to choose from and the group of bloggers participating have made it so you'll be able to choose pretty well anything you like from! Good luck, good luck! It will be the coolest thing when one of YOU win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway 


Home Time

We spent part of Father's Day weekend out at my parent's house... surrounded by my favorite people and absolutely some of my favorite scenery in the whole world. I trucked up the lane fishing with the boys and loved being surrounded by the water, the rocky cliffs, high mountains and the sagebrush all in one spot- amazing!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Easy Diaper and Wipes Carrier

My friend Heather is about to have a baby girl!
Which means I've gotten to create with girly fabrics and make baby gear lately :)
It's surely only just begun too!

This diaper and wipes holder is something that I used with my boys. I loved not having to look like I was packing a diaper and wipes when I was packing a diaper and wipes, ya know? It also worked awesome when they were a bit older and I didn't need the whole diaper bag. These are really easy to make- as usual, if I can sew it, anyone can!

Friday, June 14, 2013

'One Nation Under God, Indivisible' Printable

Did you happen to notice the printable above on my mantle
when I shared my glittery fireworks decor the other day?!
Of course I planned on sharing it with you!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Diabetes, Disease, and Genetics

Can you believe that was me!
I was six years old- Cooper's age! Amazing how blond my hair was!
Now we know where Ryder's blond comes from, eh? :)

This picture would've been taken right about the time I was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes.
(That's the kind that has nothing to do with what you eat or if you exercise.
It's the kind where your pancreas just stops working, rather than gets over-worked.)
And when mine stopped, I was this tiny little blondie... and I was pretty. darn. sick.

Summer in Swing

Oh, I can't even tell you how grateful I am that it's SUMMER! I love, love, love this time of year!
And I'm loving having Cooper home all day, more freedom and choices, more sunshine and water!

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Glitter Fireworks Decor with American Crafts

Independence Day is easily one of my very favorite holidays- I love the patriotic feeling I always get!
And I love all the red, white and blue around :)

Recently I was sent a fun box of American Crafts red, white and  blue glittery goodies to be able to create with! For real, this is more glitter than I've pretty much ever had at one time- not the usual around here, and it was so fun! Stephen took the boys overnight for the Father and Sons outing and I got some alone time to make an awesome, glittery, beautiful mess!

Friday, June 7, 2013

Cute Little Notes in a Treat Jar for Dad

This last year, Cooper filled out several different "favorite things" worksheets in Kindergarten that all got put together in a journal he brought home at the end of the year. On his favorite holiday worksheet, he had written "Father's Day" and drawn a picture of him and Stephen at the Father and Sons outing :) So Cute!

Recently the little boys helped whip up this cute treat jar to give to Dad next weekend for Father's Day... if it lasts that long. Stephen actually picked up the candy for me himself, so he'll likely be going in search of it before the week is over! 

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Simple Treasure Pocket T-shirts

This post was originally shared a couple of week ago over at one of my favorite blogs, Twin Dragonfly Designs, for Heather's awesome All for the Boys T-shirt Week! Awesome shirts shared- I'm hoping I can get it in gear to make my boys some of the fun camping ones!

For my contribution, I used Cooper's fun handwriting
and let the boys choose what they each wanted on a new treasure pocket shirt!
They both turned out so cute and totally show their personalities :)

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Perfect Potluck Pasta Salad

Been a bit since I've shared a recipe and I've had this one lying in wait for a bit, so I thought I'd share it to start off the week! When it comes to functions with both my own family and my in-laws, this has kinda become "my salad." The one that I bring kinda by default :) We all love it and I know you will too! 


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