Wednesday, May 26, 2010

" Lawn Mowering"


Dear 2010,
Just wanted to send a quick reminder that the month is now May. Lawn care is easier without the winter coat and it's a shame to be dressing my son in pants that don't cover up his socks, all while crisp, new shorts lay in the dresser drawer. Your prompt attention is appreciated. With love and gratitude,

This Idaho Mom


Friday, May 21, 2010

Simple Goodness Indeed

My new favorite picture of the boys, duded up for Church. Don't you just love Coop's tie that he added "his own self"? :)

So proud of his alpha block tower...

What my days used to look like... you do have to wear a hat for shooting wolves, you know ;)

One word- really? As in, already? As in, Time, just stop already... Gratefully, this little charade is very unsure still!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

You Rock, Babe

For the bulk of this week, Stephen has been and is here. I know, could be anywhere in Nevada, right? He's atually in Elko, working to making our goals reality. Making sure that when the folks who run this place...

... get a visit from the Fire Marshal, they can keep on with business as usual. Working through the night and trying to squeeze sleep into the day. Getting greasy, stinky, wet, hot, sore and (obviously) tired. Being a mechanic, an engineer, a suprvisor, a laborer, a customer service representative, a salesman and more. He's running on the thoughts of four handsome boys and one pretty girl, and (whether he admits it or not) those peregrine eggs that are being incubated at the edge of our backyard.

Stephen, I love and appreciate you! And I want our family, friends and the occasional stranger who will read this to know that You Rock. As always, life is good. And You make it that way!


Friday, May 14, 2010

Pop Bottle Flower Picks

For the longest time I've been wanting to make some sort of project with pop bottles, but have to be honest, they aren't the easiest things to work with! Stephen came up with a fun idea to make them into garden picks and I immidiately thought of my Mom- she has lots of great house plants and fun porch decor that she could use something like that! So these fun little flowers were her gift for Mother's Day- I loved how they turned out! She was even kind enough to send me some pics of how they look... Thank You, Mom, for being so thoughtful and for being the reason I have creative genes! :)

The big white piece at the back is the top 1/3 or so of a two liter pop bottle cut to form a flower and painted! Then I traced it onto the paper for the inner flower piece and made a small center with a circle of paper and large button. I used floral wire to make the small picture and name circles of Cooper and Ryder pop out- I got that fun idea at my favorite scrapbook store, Scrappin' Girlfirends, here in Twin Falls. A little glitter glue and a wire stake hot glued to the bottle cap finished them off. So fun to do! I'm excited to make some of these again for other gifts and for ourselves!


Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Greatest Job

Simple, good times like these.....

Have now been severly minimized for this......

Never the best of days, but I can't complain either. Ryder did much better than I had anticipated and actually took his new bottle! I know that this is temporary and am grateful that the content of my outside job is something I enjoy and am proficient at. I'm grateful for the security of health insurance and for the best child care situation I could ask for. I'm grateful to my husband that reminds me that, indeed, it is temporary, and works so hard to make it so! While I have to be away each day, I pray I can still convey to my kids and others that I KNOW this......

"The greatest job that any mother will ever do will be in nurturing, teaching, lifting, encouraging, and rearing her children in righteousness and truth. None other can adequately take her place." President Hinckley

P.S. In the pics above, Coop is playing with a combination of 2 parts corn starch and one part water. Our friend Steve gave us this fun expirement to try and it really was interesting- you should try it too! And Ryder is wearing his first shoes!! (I know I'm wierd, but I have this thing in my head that denim and shoes are only ok once my baby is older...)

Monday, May 3, 2010

What FHE Looks Like at our House

.... a cool, windy picnic down at Cauldron Linn in the Snake River Canyon. Last Monday we packed a peanut butter sandwich dinner and spent some time just enjoying each other and this cool area we live.

I remember when I was young my Mom saying something to our neighbors about not feeling like our family did very well at having family home evening. The neighbor chuckled and said, "What are you talkin' about?! You guys have family home evening every day!" So true and I hope our neighbors can say the same someday!

Mom and Ryder hanging out... I rather like these pictures.

An outdoor kid all the way...

These muddy shoes are a testament that we have an awesome Dad! Stephen dropped his own pole and rushed to grab Cooper's as he was getting a bite, crashing in he slippery mud in the process! Needless to say that was the "closing prayer." ;)


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