Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Inside Outside Inside

A yummy little something for your inside:

 Made these by request for Stephen's birthday. First started making them last summer and they are delish! Get the recipe HERE. Only, make cream cheese frosting instead. And fill with caramel syrup. And top with chopped pecans and a cherry!  Don't worry if they don't dome like cupcakes normally do- they are moist on the inside! :) YUM :)

And a few goings on outside around here lately as we pretend it's warmer than it really is:

 Coop and Ry discovered Taron and Keaton's old bike helmets recently and now wear them around like an essential- silly silly!

Guess this is inside, but oh well... this picture characterizes Ryder right now! He is fixated with shoes! Yes, by the end of the day I swear I am buying one single pair of sandals for summer!

K, here's the real outside pics... LOVE these of them both- they are really diggin' their bikes right now.

And to come inside again.... A fun little craft we did recently. Cute little bubble wrap crocodile! You can learn how to do it HERE. (I just used punched paper circles and marker for our eyes, though.)

Coop really enjoyed this little guy while he lasted! :)


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