Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Preschool Valentines

Cooper had been scoping out lots of different cute Valentine ideas on Pinterest
over my shoulder for the past few weeks.
He's liked a lot of them, but none that he seemed super stoked over.
He was excited when he saw these cheese and breadstick snacks at the grocery store,
so I grabbed them and thought we'd turn them into Valentines somehow!
Along the line, I noticed several cute owl things made out of hearts
and we came up with these little cuties! 

These are actually the only two we have done so far!
I'm waiting to pick up more googly eyes at Dollar Tree before doing anymore-
the buttons were just to make sure we liked the finished product.
And while the ones with wings and feet are cute as cute,
I'm thinkin' we'll go with the bigger heart that Cooper can color himself-
simpler to put together and more from him!

EDIT: This pic below is what we actually ended up with- we loved them!

He also loved the idea of giving a treat to his preschool teacher, Miss Stacie.
(The Anne of Green Gables fan in me loves that she is "Miss Stacie") :P
I'm certain it's been done before, but when I saw this measuring cup, the saying
"You Measure Up to be a really Sweet teacher!"
came to me and I went with it! Cooper picked the treats that he thought Miss Stacie would like
(and I filtered out the superhero taffy...) :)

On the off chance that anyone out there can use these ideas this late in the game,
you can download to print a sheet of the notes and tags by clicking below! I printed the "It's a Hoot" one on full sheet label paper so that I could just stick them on the back of the crackers!

Happy Valentines!


PS... This little beauty is on it's way to my Happy Hour Valentines Exchange partner!...


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