Saturday, February 2, 2013

Lovin' this Valentine Wreath

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Pin It!
I love how my little Valentine wreath creation for my front door turned out!

Not long ago I happened upon this one:

...and loved it! But, of course, the pin was nothing more than a picture,
no actual tutorial or even a blog. But I knew I could do one of my own

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And... I have the most amazing husband ever! He took the boys to the cheap movie while I got some solo shopping time to gather crafty supplies :)

Have a bit of space to fill with Valentines cheer? Want to whip one up yourself?!
Start with some craft wire- I chose this stuff called "Naturally Wired." I thought it would mimic what was in the picture above and ended up really liking how easy it was to work with.

I cut about 3 yards or so and folded it in half, giving me a loop at one end.
Tuck the open end through the loop and wrap them around to make a sort of knot.

Then shape into a heart- however skinny, round or messy you want!
Then, just to keep it together a bit better, I used a bit of wire to hold the two strands
at the top dip of the heart together- like in the collage above.

I cut three inch hearts out with my Cricut- a heart punch or hand cut hearts would work great too. :) They wouldn't have to be this big, either- if you want more hearts on your wreath, a bit smaller would be better. I ended up using five different papers and cut six hearts out of each. I got these papers in a pack at the Target dollar spot!

I started gluing hearts down and then realized that it would be better to tie my ribbon hanger on first so I could work around it. Cut about 18" or so of ribbon and tie at one end. I hot glued the tie part onto the front of the dip in the heart, so it would be visible and not get lost underneath.

Then just hot glue at random! I kinda played with how I wanted the heart to look so I would have a decent balance around the whole thing, and then put a dab of hot glue on. Then stick the heart on quick! (And, if you're like me, watch your glue gun fall to the ground every other time you set it back down because the cord is stretched as far as it will go... :P)

When I thought I was done, I stepped back and saw
where it needed to be filled in, then added a few extra hearts.

And hung the most adorable Valentines wreath on my front door! All in all, I spent $6 on the materials for this wreath and still have a bunch of all of the pieces left over for the future. This whole thing from start to finish just made me happy- one of my fav projects I've done in awhile!

Enjoy if you make one yourself! 



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