Friday, February 1, 2013

Valentines Flashback

It occurred to me recently that Valentines season is always a pretty full time for us- we do a lot of projects together and I do quite a bit on my own too! I love the creative energy I always get- somehow late winter isn't quite so overwhelming as Christmas I guess. :)

Anyway, I thought I'd post some of my posts from Valentines past here in one place...

I made these last year when Cooper was learning to write his letters in preschool. A simple way to channel his animal-love and Valentines excitement toward learning :) Cooper could not stop telling me how much he loved these- they used them a number of different ways around the house. 

I actually did something similar with our mantle this year- I love using the boys art in decorating! Here's what my garland this year looks like-
the boys put the hearts together entirely on their own, which they loved:

"If there is anything greater than being loved, it is loving." I truly believe this statement and did a free printable of it last year! There are several other color options besides this one at the post:

The cute homemade Valentines Coop gave his preschool classmates and his teacher last year.
I still look at these pictures and smile- I love working with Cooper to come up with Valentines :)
Both are free printables here:


I made these simple little Valentines for Cooper to have something
to play with in his mailbox two years ago.
They might make fun little lunch box notes
for your hubby and kids too :)

Oh man, did seeing this post again make me miss my friend, Monica! Two years ago we got together and made these fun Valentines treats with our boys. All of them were a definite hit! How I wish we could just plan on doing that again... alas,one of us would have to travel five hours! :( You always made things more fun, Monica!


Just thought I'd include this little idea I included in the boys' mailboxes two years ago: Q-Tip shaving cream drawing- they really enjoyed this! I put a shot of shaving cream in a small zip bag, then a few drops of food coloring. I tucked them in cards like above and when they opened it, they got to "draw" on the shaving cream bags- kinda neat!

This was a surprise I left for my husband to find Valentines morning two years ago- getting "showered with love." He loved this and it really looked cute! It was serious last minute thing- fun idea if you need something quick and cheap!


These are some fun things I put together three years ago- wow! Even looking at things from just that long ago, I can see how styles have changed a ton! All of them are still adaptable ideas, though, so I thought I'd include them anyway. Ryder would've been quite small at the time, but all three of the other boys loved their candy bouquets! This post has links to all the places I got inspiration or recipes from:

And this subway art I designed I think two year ago-
when subway art was still relatively new! This was the first one I had ever done!

I do believe that's all! There are sure a TON of Valentines ideas out there,
but maybe these will spark an idea or offer a useful option for someone out there!

Happy February!



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