Friday, December 21, 2012

Teacher and Classmate Gifts

Like most kiddos out there, today is Cooper's last day of school before Winter Break!
I'm excited to get to his class to do the games for his little party :)
We also put this little gift together for his teacher.

I thought of all the things she could probably use over the break, it would be just some R&R! Mrs. Schuster is a great teacher! I know she is at the school early and stays late. She is organized and kind and truly cares for these little kinders. I know if I were her, I would be so exhausted at the end of each day! So hopefully this combo of lavender epsom salt bath soak, a magazine and a candy bar will help her take some time over the break to just relax :)

And I realize that, in usual style, I'm too late to be much help to anyone out there,
but if you could use a quick teacher gift, you can click on the tag image below
to attach to whatever relaxing goodies your teacher might like!
Bubble bath, a calming candle, a soft CD- lots of things would work!
I cut around the scallop by hand to create a red border- enjoy!

Cooper also decided he'd like to give a candy cane to each of the friends in his class. He has a class of 25, so he had to sign each of these tags in waves because he said his hand was hurting! I printed the tags I found HERE, only I couldn't take the time to string them the right way, so we just taped them all on :P I thought they were just as cute!

Hope your last day of school is going great too!
I'm off for some Christmas light limbo and jingle bell seek and find :)



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