Sunday, November 6, 2011

November Bride

Remember awhile ago I had mentioned that
my baby sister is getting married?!?
Well, it's right around the corner now and
my younger sister and I hosted a bridal shower for her last week!

We played a fun tiara/ mustache, he said/she said, 20 questions game that everyone really enjoyed. Ben and Cyndel both answered 20 questions and Lundyn shared the question and one response with everyone, then they had to guess whose answer it was! We found this idea here. And after searching for longer than I've ever searched for an svg file before, I finally found a cute tiara to cut from here.

Another fun game was one Lundyn saw here. We gave everyone a blank nametag and they put an acronym that told everyone else how they knew the Bride... so, for example, mine said "OOS" for Oldest Older Sister, Grandma Karen's was "CNS" for Cyndel's Name Sake, and so on- it was fun to see what everyone came up with!

Best balloon decor idea ever- string yarn through the tails once they are blown up! Lundyn had seen this fab idea via, of course, Pinterest!

And this game turned out awesome- just as fun for us as we put it together as it was for everyone else playing at the shower! We strung up pics of Cyndel as she was growing up and people had to guess how old she was in each one! Lundyn got this idea here.

These taffy skewers are so cute and simple and never fail as a great favor!


My little nieces are always so good and they made the party really fun- love this shot of Quincy with one of the bows from a present!

Yummy treats that everyone loved! Again, Lundyn had the phenomenal idea (yes, she was the brilliance behind this party for sure as I sat amidst boxes needing unpacked and Halloween costumes to finish!) to use donut holes instead of making our own cake pops! Saved us a lot of time and were still really yummy! Candy melts make anything scrumptious, eh? :)

Cleaning up and having fun :)

Now on to the wedding!
Congrats again, Cyndel- thanks for letting us shower you!!
And thanks Lundyn for letting me in on the fun of hosting!


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