Tuesday, November 22, 2011

"Done Enough" Chalkboard Kids Chairs

A long time ago, Stephen snagged these sweet kids chairs for us at D.I.
Vintage isn't really my forte, but these seem pretty old, so I'm just calling them "vintage!" :)
Anyhow, I've known since then that I wanted to use some chalkboard paint to make them even more fun for the boys. Recently I finally got it done... well, "done enough" anyway!

Don't know what it is with me and spraypaint, but seriously every time I use it, my hands end up covered too!

So I say "done enough" because I was pretty sure these could both use another coat of paint. I didn't do any sort of priming or sanding before spraying the chalkboard paint on. For sure I was in a fair hurry... there is just about no chance 55 degrees (the minimum recommended temperature on the paint can) is happening around here anymore- Fall/ Winter is in full force! So the minute the sun was shining, I stepped outside to get spraying! I thought I got it on pretty thick, but I probably should've used primer and another coat if I'd have really done this right!

Nonetheless, the boys thought these were great! They were happy to have their little chairs back to use as stools, fort beams and now, artist canvas! I got out the sidewalk chalk to give them some color :)

 See how rough it looks after their drawing on them? It's like the chalk got down into the grain of the seat- obviously only "done enough" to have worked at all! But, it'll have to suffice until Spring now! I did use baby wipes to clean them off better too... is that an absolute no no on chalkboard paint??

Ryder turned to chalking up his hands in the end... better start trying harder to convince him he's in fact NOT a tattoo artist, eh? :)

Not to rush Winter, cuz I'm excited for Christmas and sledding and baking and snowmen and such, but I daresay the first thing I'll do come Spring will be make this project "Done For Real." ;)


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