Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Recent Designing

Lately it seems like I've done a fair amount of designing
for this, that and the other-
thought I'd share here on the blog just for the fun of it :)

My sister's bridal shower invitation- this was Pinterest inspired from HERE.
Was made 4x6 so we could print as normal one-hour prints and send as is in a normal envelope!

And the invitations! This is some of my very favorite design work to do- wedding invites! I love the addition of the sealing invitation card- the two together look really nice! The cards were designed so that two of them would fit onto a 4x6 and we could, again, print at a one-hour instead of having to wait for shipping like with the invitations. Also made it a nice readable size. We used Winkflash to print the 4x8 invites and they were awesome to work with!

New blog header for our favorite family photog! ;) Stephen's cousin Melonie's photography business is growing and I offered to do a new header for her to show herself off! Once she chose this design, I also did light and dark watermarks for her to add to each pic like these below:

She rocks, eh?! :) See more of her work HERE

And so as not to leave my husband out of the mix, this is the design I did for the the back of a shirt for him to wear while being a vendor at the North American Falconers Association Annual Meet next week :)

Now I'm working on some stuff for Christmas- fun fun!


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