Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Snow Day! (Kinda)

This past weekend, we went to sleep with it snowing
and woke up to enough to actually get out and play in!

I dug through the storage boxes for our winter gear and got the kids all bundled up. Ryder loved it! He was happy as a clam out in the cold. Keaton pulled him around on the sled... and Taron and Cooper! He was a trooper giving rides around the yard! Everyone enjoyed it- except maybe our sorry little jack-o-lantern here :)

Cooper is Cooper is Cooper- he spends the entire weekend Taron and Keaton are with us in wound-up mode it seems like! Between them and his Dad, he's been taught well the art of tormenting and teasing! Good thing Taron and Keaton are such awesome, easy-going older brothers!


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