Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Good Thankful Times

Wanted to share our Thanksgiving goings on before I got carried away with Christmasness! 
Doesn't Coop make that turkey leg look good? Love this pic :)

This year was an odd one for the boys and I, since Stephen was gone with Taron and Keaton to Vernal, Utah, for a falconry event. (I know, seriously- Who holds national get-togethers on top of national holidays??) But they had a good time and it doesn't happen every year, so whatever I guess! Meanwhile, Thanksgiving morning Ryder helped me make pumpkin pie while Cooper watched the Macy's Parade from inside his latest fort...

Later on we traveled to Pocatello to be with my in-laws since my parents were in Arizona with Cyndel and Ben for their wedding open house there. As awkward as it could have been to be at Stephen's parents house for the holiday without Stephen, I have to say it really, truly wasn't! Only in thinking about it was it strange at all! I'm so blessed to have married into a family that is warm and comforting. Janie sure can host with a flair- doesn't the table setting look beautiful!

Grandpa Bruce gets a kick out of Ryder and Coop sneaks a large handful of olives to cover all ten fingers! Struck me as super cute :)

Later after dinner and dessert (which, I thought my pumpkin pie turned out pretty great! I love the new crust recipe I found on Pinterest that uses butter instead of shortening! Find it and the pie recipe I used that included brown sugar HERE :)... anyhow, my sister-in-law Kathy has some great kids games and brought them for the kids- Cooper loved this Tanagram one! We also used some little cards on a keychain she had to strike up conversations with the grandparents about memories- that was my favorite part!

We stayed Thanksgiving night in Pocatello and Kathy and I went people watching at Walmart for Black Friday! I say "people watching" because, well, I'm not a fighter, I'm just not! And you have to be to get what you want when there are only six of them in the whole store! Then Friday night Stephen came back in to Pocatello in time for the Parade of Lights, which was a fun way to ring in Christmas time. Cooper thought Santa on top of the fire truck (not to mention seeing his Dad a day early!) was pretty cool!

Hope yours was enjoyable too!


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