Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cyndel + Ben= Married!!

This last weekend was a hugely eventful one for my family- my grandparents, parents and all of my siblings were together in the temple for my sister's wedding! Aren't they Beautiful?!?

They had their reception the night before the wedding and I got to wait around the corner in the church with Cyndel to capture Ben seeing her in her dress for the first time! Her picture display and little pie tarts turned out so cute!

This is all of their nieces and nephews that were at the reception! Don't you love how Ry seems to have an action figure in his hand constantly? :P My favorite part of the reception was when Cyndel strapped on her guitar and sang a song to Ben, "I Was Made for You." :)

Don't they look like they are on Cloud 9 coming out of the temple?! I love how bright they are!

My Dad warming up my Mom as we waited during pictures- aren't they beautiful too? :) They are the reason for all of the other pictures above here. They have made all of us who we are and gave us all we needed to have testimonies that would make it so we could all be in this awesome place together at this stage in our lives. Days like this are what make it so Families Can Be Together Forever!

Anyhow... Congrats Yates'!! Marriage is Bliss :)


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