Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Wouldn't these two have been about the cutest on your porch all night?!? ;) Just kidding, but they sure had fun in their ghost and Buzz Lightyear costumes! Cooper kept saying all night, "I just love trick and treating!" I think they were the highlight of Grandma Laura's night for sure. She had little baggies ready with four quarters in them for both of them! So cool to be so close that we could just cruise up to her house to start our night :)

Cyndel came to hang out with us for her lunch break yesterday- another awesome benefit of being where we are! She helped me make jack-o-lantern pancakes for the boys for Halloween lunch! (I know, should have been breakfast, but oh well!)

I had made Ryder a sweet backpack with the fins and tucked wings and all... but he cried and cried when he had it on! He was just uncomfortable and Stephen very tactfully suggested that maybe the costume was sufficient without the backpack. :( I was bummed because it took the most time of his whole outfit! But he was much happier without it and just as cute all in all.

And I realize these won't do anyone any good for a whole year now, but here is a free dowload of the decals I created to go on the Buzz Lightyear costume! Just click the image, then right click and save!

Hope everyone's Halloween was awesome!


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