Wednesday, November 30, 2011

White Tied Lights

Say that several times fast, eh? :)

Any chance you checked out the lights surrounding my Christmas mantle in the last post? :)
They were a fun little project that turned out cute in themselves, so I thought I'd share...

Awhile back I had seen this light garland above on Pinterest and was hopeful to try it somehow for Christmas. When I brought the Christmas boxes in from the garage, the boys went to digging through them like pirates treasure :) and an old package of "Christmas Roll" was in the mix. I searched for what it's actually made of and came up with nothin', but it's like thin, glittery felt. I bought it several years ago to scrunch up around my nativity set. It came from Kmart for $3 and the whole roll is 36" x 5'.

I cut it into small strips and then strung a set of lights across my lap and tied away as my boys were building forts (or trying to tackle one another) in the living room! Even after all the pieces I cut, there is plenty still left!

I really like how it softens the lights and adds some creative flair too!
Gotta love Pinterest ;)



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