Monday, November 14, 2011

Wild About...

So, really my kids don't watch TV all day
(It'd be nice some days, I confess!) ;),
but, yes, I have another TV show to rave about!

Ever since Cooper discovered Wild Kratts on PBS, he has been hooked!
And it really is a cool animal show- even I like watching it with him! 

So, the Kratt brothers  have creature powers in each episode and teach kids lesser known things about animals. The other day Cooper wanted to dress up like a bat and have bat power like they do. I talked him out of the top to bottom costume (for the sake of not spending an entire day on the process!) but did rig both of them a sweet mask...

... which they wore while chasing each other around the house for the next twenty minutes. :)

There are a few episodes and several snippets kids can watch online HERE. A cool resource for parents that explains the show and how you can use it in homeschooling and such, and offers free printables, is HERE.

Cooper's fav episode so far has (not surprisingly) been the peregrine falcon one.
Falcons, wolves, sharks, racoons, whales, bats... wild, dude! ;)


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