Monday, December 19, 2011

Neighbor Gifts

These simple, super economical little lovelies will be making their way into our little-known neighbors homes this week! I love giving neighbor gifts and am excited about it this year since there are way more people around us that we don't know than that we do! Stopping off a simple Christmas treat will hopefully help us to get to know a few people better :) 

First things first, I was intrigued by THIS homemade cocoa mix recipe that I found on Pinterest via my cousin Laci. The pin description said it used pudding in the mix and I thought surely that must taste yummy! We tried it and loved the creaminess and I realized too that it could be made in bulk really affordably! I did have dry milk and sugar on hand so that wasn't an added expense, but between the cocoa, coffee creamer and pudding, I only spent around $12! I've made four batches with those ingredients so far and am guessing I could make another two more without re-purchasing ingredients. That's a lot of cocoa and a lot of neighbors for only $12! I used three cups of mix for each of the larger cello bags like above. :)  

I was so happy with how this fun tag on our gifts  worked out, though it was not my own idea!

SO, so cute, eh?! But.... the circles on top give instructions about pouring it all into a bowl and the mix we are giving is already mixed up. I also liked the idea of including "From the Buffat Family" somewhere... And then there was the fact that I ran out of jars after I did these few below for our Visiting and Home Teaching... (yeah, things are almost never smoothly together for me- more like hodge-podged to be presentable!) Such is life :P

Because I was in more of a hurry on these ones, I used THESE adorable vintage tickets for the tags on them! Also- check out the cupcake liner to top the jars! Isn't that the sweetest idea- I seriously cheered in my head when I saw this idea on Pinterest!


And for our neighbor gift version, I whipped up some tags of our own that fit our specific needs, using Megan's "Baby It's Cold Outside" catch phrase! 

And I realize it's late in the game, but there is certainly time to whip these up, so here are a few printable versions of the tag as well! The portion with our family name is blank so you can just pen your own in! I prefer traditional Christmas colors, but I did throw in a blue/brown one for those that might not :)

If you click the link below that indicates the color you'd prefer, you'll be able to download a full page that fits six tags like this:




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